What is NZEB?

November 28 2019 What is NZEB

NZEB are EU building regulations on the energy performance of new builds. It defines the energy performance of a new building. NZEB states that a nearly zero or very low amount of energy is required. As part of the regulations, a significant extent by energy from renewable sources including those from reusable resources produced on site or nearby.

As of 31st December 2020, these regulations will apply to all new builds, both domestic and non-domestic.

Definition of NZEB

NZEB stands for Nearly Zero Energy Building.

Key Points for NZEB

Both commercial and domestic have different criteria under NZEB. To learn more, we recommend visiting the SEAI website Here.

How can Paint help with NZEB?

By using paints such as Keim Mineral Silicate, you can reduce your energy requirements by reducing the requirement for artificial lighting. Paint can also be used on the exterior by providing are more energy efficient exterior seal while still being long lasting and resistant to damp.

For those hoping to improve the air quality while still meeting the NZEB standards, we recommend Keim Ecosil ME. This paint can neutralise noxious gases, odours, pollutants, bacteria and moulds. To learn more about how paints can fit with your NZEB requirements, contact our team here.

For NZEB, we recommend Keim paints, as they are Carbon Neutral, durable with a long life span (White Houses uses Keim Paint as was last painted in 1989). To learn more about our range of Keim Paints click here.

If you still have questions about NZEB or are wondering how paint can be used to improve your energy rating, our team will provide in-dept knowledge and support. McConnells has over 60 years experience supporting businesses with coatings solutions in Ireland. To have one of our team contact you with a solution for your coatings needs

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