The Story of McConnells

August 15 2019 The Story of McConnells

The Early Days

McConnells is a family business with a long history in Ballycorus, Kilternan, County Dublin. It was founded in 1961 by George McConnell.

Ireland in the 1930’s was a popular location for the clothing and footwear manufacturers suppling the UK market. At this time, nearly every town in Ireland has its own cobblers. For a time, the town of Dundalk in county Louth, was prided as the shoe making capital of Ireland.

McConnells started producing coatings for polystyrene shoe heels in 1961. The goal was to satisfy the needs and demands of Irish footwear manufacturers. This was spearheaded through a comprehensive technology agreement with an overseas company, which allowed the business to satisfy early supply challenges.

With the change is shoes culture, McConnells entered the adhesives market. The business was the first in Ireland to develop and manufacture adhesives for shoes. The team supplied cobblers with the ability to repair heels rather than just making a new pair.

The start of the decline of the footwear industry was triggered by Ireland joining the EEC in 1973, allowing companies to import cheaper footwear at a fraction of what it cost for the Irish manufacturers to make. These imports came largely from the Far East and Asia.

The changing landscape of Ireland

The demise of the footwear industry in Ireland in the challenging 1970’s and 1980’s forced McConnells to evolve. With their experience in painting and gluing shoes, the business evolved to supply and manufacture high quality paints, coatings and adhesives. These products where supplied to a wide range of industries including construction, bedding, joinery, agriculture and more. As the business grew it expanded and started supplying customers in UK, US and Asia.

From the 1980’s into the new millennium, McConnells developed and grew a strong reputation for supplying high quality paints and adhesives. These products were supplied to a wide range of industries, both locally in Dublin, Ireland and internationally.

We are still evolving

2017 saw McConnells join forces with the Monaghan based adhesive business Action Adhesives. Action adhesives are a business that lacks the same age, at only 22 years in business. Action Adhesives, like McConnells, was a family business that grew through the tireless work of two brothers Leo and Malachy Brennan.

At McConnells we pride ourselves on our family heritage. Our new logo hopes to convey the importance of our family. It will ensure you still associate our business with the great quality products, that we have become known for. The business today, has customers that have remained loyal over the decades, thanks to the hands-on expert knowledge that can be found within our team. We continually do our utmost to go over a beyond for all our customers. If we don’t have an answer, we will follow up.

If your have a question for our team or would like to learn more about finding that perfect coating, give our experts a call today.

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