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December 5 2019 Coatings Experts

Have you ever seen a building that looks as if it was just painted? But, the last time it was painted was 10 years ago, when the Irish economic environment was very different.

Sound familiar?

Wonder how the paint still looks so fresh!

At McConnells Coatings, we are a family business with nearly 60 years’ experience advising customers looking for the perfect coating. Whether you need a coating for a high heel shoe in the 1960s or for the Dublin Airport runway today. Our team know that a paint that lasts a decade is far more valuable than a paint that only lasts 3 to 5 years.

What are the consequences of poor coating selection?

Industry Example

Our team recently received a request to visit a site from a controlling architect on a major Irish retail project in the South East of Ireland. The new retail store in question had the wrong coating system applied. The incorrect coating was removed from the building at the request of the architect and at the expense to the painting contractor. To remove the incorrect coating, McConnells Coatings where asked to provide a solution. With the decades of experience our team found the most suitable solution for this project.

Once the coating was removed, the correct coating was supplied by McConnells Coatings. It was applied by the project painting contractor.  The new coating was signed off by the architect once he ensured it met the correct application rates.

Consumer Example

While the regulations may be less strict for private painters or homeowners, the benefits of consulting with McConnells Coatings do not diminish. Keim paints, a paint we recommend for exterior coatings, comes with a 20 year guarantee. This paint is used on The White House, Aras an Uachtaran and on many lighthouses. The benefits of contacting McConnells include:

How do I contact McConnells Coatings

To start, yes you can get a cheaper quote. But remember, our coatings solutions are designed to last. There are so many paint options out there, that to save time we recommend sending us a message. We can show you examples of work that we signed off 10 – 15 years ago, and it still looks fresh today.

Our team of experts are always on hand to discuss your coatings needs. Whether for a listed building, a retail warehouse, a farm shed or a storage container, our team are here to listen and recommend the most suitable solution for your business.