Line Markings that Last

August 27 2019 Line Markings that Last

Wondering how strong our line markings can be? Then bare a thought for our paint the next time your flight lands hard on the Dublin airport runway.

With schools returning over the next two weeks, we are now facing the end of our summer. We are at the point in the year when you start to think about the increased traffic, the school rush, the M50 nightmares, the double parking on dark roads and so on.

While the roads may become a nightmare, we believe your businesses car park should remain a place of calm. Nothing beats this more than a clean, clearly lined car park for your team. You will have no need to worry about poor parking (unless the low hanging sun is used as a poor excuse). There should also be no reason for anyone attempting to go against your car park contra-flow. The goal that we all look for is a car park of zen in a city or town.

So, how do we refresh our car park?

The first step to refreshing your car park, is to find the correct paint. If you are investing in painting lines at your place of business, you expect them to last. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your expensive line markings fading or cracking after only 6 months.

At McConnells Coatings, we only supply the best line marking paint on the market. Once you have your paint selected, we can guide you through the application process, whether your applying it yourself or getting a contactor in to apply it.

Why should I be bothered painting my car park?

It is important to keep line marking clear to meet health and safety standards. In the current claim culture, ensuring everything is up to spec can save you time and money. Having parking clearly displayed ensures you can maximise your parking area without fear of double parking and will limit the potential for parking that may block emergency exits or access.

Line Paints are not just for car parks

Our line paints are not limited to just car parks. They can also be used for painting lines in warehouses, playgrounds and yards. Our team will ensure your line markings are capable of withstanding whatever abuse you throw at them, whether it’s forklifts or heavy machinery, our coatings will be up to the challenge.

Need more than white? Our paints are available in a number of colours including yellow, white, black, red, blue and green.

The Painting Process

To ensure line markings that last, your application area should be clean, dry and free from any dirt that may impede adhesion. If there is any loose paint or gravel, it should be swept clear for best results. The paint can be brushed or rolled onto the surface. We recommend using masking tape to mark out the painted area.

Our line paints are quick drying. Half a day is usually sufficient to allow the paint to cure. Once cured you will be free to re-introduce either your foot or motor traffic.

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