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August 28 2019 Keim Paints

Keim paints are a mineral based paint developed in Bavaria in 1878. The paint was first developed by A.W. Keim to reproduce the appearance of lime fresco finishes visible in southern Europe. He wanted this same lime fresco appearance in Northern Europe. For this to work, his paint would be required to endure the harsher Northern European weather. This is what lead to his mineral paint innovation and the establishment of the Keim brand.

What makes Keim Special?

The Keim paint system comprises of liquid silicate paint. This is has a potassium silicate binder with inorganic fillers and natural earth oxide colour pigment. When applied to the mineral substrate, it is absorbed by the binder and forms a micro-crystalline silicate structure. It is this crystalline structure than enables the substrate to breathe while preventing any ingress of moisture. This ensures Keim is the original mineral paint.

Key Advantages of Mineral Paint

Key advantages of using Keim mineral paint include:

Keim paints are 100% incombustible. This makes them unique from your standard paint. It comes with high light reflective values, ensures buildings retain a brighter and cleaner looking for longer. Keim paints are highly durable and abrasion resistant. They bond with the surface by chemical means rather that sticking to the surface like traditional paints. Upon application, the mineral silicate paint will react with the surface to penetrate the top layer of the applied surface.

Health Benefits of Mineral Paints

It may surprise you but yes, mineral paints such as Keim paints have health benefits. These paints are often used in hospitals and schools. This is in large part due to the anti bacterial and anti mould nature of these paints. They are also hard wearing, ensuring they can be washed clean on a regular basis without damaging the paint work.

Keim paints are also Photocatalytic. This means it reacts with the air converting Nitrogen Oxide and other harmful pollutants including acetaldehyde and formaldehyde into harmless nitrates. This reaction helps breakdown organic material and contaminants, keeping surfaces cleaner.  To read more about the benefits, click the image below

Where have Keim Paints been used?

Keim paints can be found all over the world on builds that you will recognise. These include The White House, Buckingham Palace, Sydney Opera House, Dublin Castle and Áras an Uachtarain.

These are all buildings that are expensive and time consuming to paint. The last time The White House got a full repaint was 1989, or 30 years ago. The Schweiz Town Hall in Switzerland was decorated in 1891 with Keim paint. The colour remains strong to the present day. Keim paints are selected as they are a paint that will stand the test of time.

Keim paints are available in nearly any colour, allowing you to be as discrete or as outlandish as you like. They can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including concrete, plaster, render, stone and glass.

Where do I get Keim paints?

At McConnells Coatings we have a range of Keim paints available. Full specification sheets and pricing is available upon request. All colours requests can be matched to either BS or RAL colours.

Keim paints can be applied with a  brush, roller or spray depending on your specific requirements.

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