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September 4 2019 Breathable Paint for Light Houses

When talking about paints, we all hear a wide range of strange terms than mean nothing to the normal person. But, should we know more? What should we know about these terms? Here we answer all your questions about Breathable Paints.

All over Ireland, you can see paints peeling and flaking on buildings. Many of the paint suppliers will suggest that the product should last 10, 15 & 20 years. So when they don’t, what has gone wrong?

The answer 9/10 times is Moisture. Over the next few sections, we will explain, the impact moisture will have on your paint, why breathability is important and how having breathable paint can improve your home. This applies to both interior and exterior walls.

The Impact Moisture has on Paint

Moisture builds up behind the film forming coatings which restrict the passage of moisture vapour. Eventually, the moisture will push the paint off the wall in order to escape. The other indicator of moisture ingress is through the formation of mould. Breathable paints significantly reduce the likelihood of mould growth, which will result in a cleaner, healthier environment.

How to Identify a breathable paint?

Many paints claim to be breathable. Ever wonder how true or honest these are statements? To understand how breathable a paint is, we must look at the SD values of the paint. The lower the SD value on the paint, the better. A low SD value means moisture is capable of pass through the wall or surface. If a breathable paint does not show the SD value, we strongly recommend that you avoid it. If a paint is truly breathable, the manufacturer will have no issue advertising the SD Value.

If you have a property that you are trying to seal, you should install membrane layer within the wall to ensure moisture does not ingress into the building. These locations often come in the form of swimming pools, saunas, exterior walls on a home and other high heat/high moisture environments. At McConnells Coatings, we have a range of paints designed for long lasting results in these environments. Contact our team for more information.

Positive Benefits of breathable paints

Breathable paints have a number of positive benefits. These include:

What Paint should I buy for Breathability?

At McConnells coatings, our breathable paint of choice is Keim Paints. Keim can achieve in excess of 96% of the original breathability of the surface once applied. This will eliminate the potential for the paint to blister and flake. Keim is a trusted and tested paint. It reacts with the surface instead of adhering to the top of the surface it applies to.

Keim paints have been tested in some of the harshest conditions. Prominent builds such as Buckingham Palace, the White House and Dublin Castle have all being painted with Keim Paints. The White House was last painted in 1989 meaning the Keim paint has lasted over 30 years and remains strong to the current day. Keim paints are also a popular choice for hospitals, where walls may need to be washed clean without damaging the wall or paint surface.

Where can I lean more?

For more information about Keim paints, specifications sheets are available by emailing If you need to speak directly with our Keim expert call 01 2822 877.

Our Keim range will be available on our new website shortly. Follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date with all the latest MCC news.  

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